Media Blackout

The time to think about how much our world of media and journalism has changed is when I voluntarily  impose a media blackout. Not a sensory denial…a blackout that lets in time and sunrises and sunsets and books. Headlines still make their way in. But I’m choosing what I want to read.

The fact that tells it all: in Michael Shudson and Katherine Fink’s column in CJR recently they created metrics for TMI — information overload. In 1960 at the cusp of the information revolution, 82 minutes of media came into a home each day for every minute someone actually consumed media. In 2005 they estimate that number had grown to 884 incoming minutes for each minute of consuming. I figured it’s jumped exponentially in the last seven years. Phew. We all need a break.

My media of choice. My iPhone camera. To mark the moment sand and water and horizon.

Looking forward to teaching with Dr. Lois Boynton a big class for UNC incoming first-year students and sophomores, JOMC 101: “The Media Revolution: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg.” We will explore our world of media, how it’s changing, what to trust and where it might be heading.

But that’s this fall. Right now the media blackout continues. But vacation is about to end and so to the return to media!


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